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Gina, with Ben, Nov. 2004

Welcome ...

In the winter of 2000 I moved to Florida, south of Tallahassee into a little house across the Ockolocknee Bay from the tiny town of Panacea. The place was called Alligator Point, and for a person who'd spent all her life in California, the culture shock was pretty extreme. Northern Florida, you see, is the Deep South, with all the wonders and downright oddities that suggests.

While I was there, I finally found some time to pull together a Web site. A big burst of energy, then ... nothing. The site sat, largely unchanged, for the better part of a three years. I came home to Sacramento after my time and money ran out. The writer's life is always pretty iffy, but in the collapsing economy I had to put most of my free-lance work aside for a while. (I never stopped writing my syndicated column though.) I landed a full-time writing gig (steady work and pay, great bennies, congenial and smart co-workers), sold one house and bought another, lost one dog and adopted others and, mostly, resumed what most people would see as a life most ordinary.

Finally, though, things have settled to the point where I'm finding some time to work on projects, such as a new book proposal so I can eventually add to the list of others I've authored or co-authored. All this, while still taking time to work on gardening at the new house, where I finally have room for pets and plants both.

I've also spent a great deal of time updating this Web site. Hope you enjoy the new pages, new images, column archives (so many have asked for one), Web log and more!


P.S. The image on this page is of me with my dog Ben, who just turned 10.

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